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Motorcycle Insurance Policies

Motorcycle Insurance Policies

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Riding a motorcycle is a great joy when things are going right but can be a terrifying experience when the unexpected happens. The nature of single-track vehicles like motorcycles is to run in a straight line, but those wheels need traction, which can be lost in an instant under even the best of riding conditions. Oil, sand, gravel, wet leaves, water sprinklers, teenagers texting on cell phones while driving, animals darting in front of riders and much more can upset any single-track vehicle in an instant and send the rider flying over the handlebars doing a high-sider followed by a very hard landing.

A motorcycle is made of a lot of metal and has an electrical system that can attract a bolt of lightning from a storm cloud passing overhead. Large hailstones can fall from the sky, pummeling riders and destroying bikes in a matter of seconds. Wind gusts also pose a large risk, particularly if riding on wet roads and a sudden strong gust shoves a rider and bike across one or more lanes of traffic and even off the road. Without a good amount of motorcycle protection, rider and bike could be off the road permanently.

Due to the many deadly perils that come with riding on public roads, many motorcyclists prefer riding off-road only, but even those kinds of riders need good recreational vehicles insurance coverage to ensure their bikes as well as their bodies are protected against sudden mishaps.

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